We Are Adding Jobs To Our Regional Economy

Because our headquarters are located in Fulton County here in Georgia, we contribute significant finances to our state's economy. Not only do we employ nearly 70 people, who then support our state's economy, but we also pay our annual corporate taxes to the state of Georgia. Finally, because we've continued to grow, we're collecting more sales tax every year for the state — of which 75% goes directly to funding Georgia schools and education programs.


As reported in the Alanta News on July 21, 2019:

Covington Portrait Studios, a provider of stress-free school picture days that generate thousands of dollars for schools, today announced in the four years since its founding it has donated more than $100,000 to schools that have used its unique portrait services. This milestone validates the company's mission to supplement funding for education and improve the academic environment for children while providing parents and students with high-quality, affordable pictures.

Money contributed by Covington Portrait Studios is generated from the sales of student portrait packages. Since launching in the fall of 2005, Covington Portrait Studios has accepted a fixed fee for each purchased photo package and given the remainder of the cost of these packages directly to the school. During the past four school years, the company has photographed hundreds of thousands of students and donated an average of $5.00per student enrolled to each school.

Update: As of January 2019, Covington  Portrait Studios  has contributed over $100,000 to its client schools.